Words from the Wise...

James Murdock
Eastex Glass & Mirror
Nacogdoches, Texas
“Awesome!! We are glad we have found ACD as we love the SHOPS and service you provide.”

Kirk Stedman
Inland Glass Company
Lewiston, Idaho
“I’ve worked with A,C & D and specifically
Wayne now for over 30 years, and found he
has always come through for me with fast and
accurate drawings that I can trust. He has
never let me down.”

Stephen Beletz
Beletz Brothers Glass Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Wayne has worked hard for me over  the last
several years, and he always had his drawings
to me on time and with amazing accuracy.”

Nick Bagatelos
Bagatelos Architectural Glass System
Sacramento, California
“Wayne has come up with details that has
assited me in making installation easier and
more cost effective. I know I can count on
Wayne to help solve problems and make my
job easier.”

Mike Lamoreaux
NOORDA Building Envelope Contractor
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Wayne has helped solved problems, and is a
great asset to me and my Company. Wayne
and A,C & D will always be a part of NOORDA Building Envelope Contractor.”

John Morse
Dome’l Inc.
Clifton, New Jersey
“A, C & D’s professional drawings has helped
me in portraying our professionalism to our

Let Architectural Communication &
Design show the professional side of
your business.